Distraction pure!

Many roads lead to Rome

And that applies also for Lapland.
The distance from the Netherlands to our House is about 2200 kilometers. The fastest and comfortable way to get there is, of course, by plane. A return ticket costs barely more than 2 times your car fueling and is definitely recommended. Below is some more info where you can find and book the tickets but when the time comes we would like to help in the search for the most suitable flights. And of course we take care of the transfers from and to the airport in Lapland.
It is not recommended to drive up to Lapland during the winter. The climatic conditions in Lapland make your journey to an undesirable adventure.

The flight

Depending on your residence and preferred fly you fly from for example Amsterdam or Brussels to Arlanda airport in Stockholm. Moreover, there are also flights through the airport Bromma, Copenhagen or even Helsinki, depending on the airline.

Then you take the domestic flight to Lapland. The closest airport to our location is Lycksele.

You can also fly from Stockholm to Umeå or Skellefteå. These airports are a further from our location but the tickets are sometimes very cheap and thereby definitely worth watching. As previously written we would like to help in the search for the most suitable flights.

In case you would like to search for a flight then is a suitable site It`s easy. Fill in the departure airport and destination, then the dates and number of persons and all available flights appear and your search can begin.S

With the car

Are you travelling by car, then here's is a suitable route. The first part of the journey through Germany, via Hamburg to Puttgarden where you take the ferry to the Danish city Rødby. Then it goes to Copenhagen and by way the Öresundsbron (bridge) to Malmö in Sweden. From here we follow the highway to Helsingborg and then by way Jönköping to Stockholm.

Further we drive the coastline of the Gulf of Bothnia next to the North. Gävle, Sundsvall and Örnsköldsvik are some places that we pass. About 50 km. before Umeå we leave the motorway and drive further via route 353 to Lycksele. From Lycksele it's about 100 km to the final destination Tväråträsk. This last part can you drive through various roads and depending on the road conditions we will advice you the best route, before you leave.

The above route is the route we usually used. Do you have some more time and do you want to see more of Sweden, then follow the road 45 by way Jönköping, Motala and Örebro to Mora, al the way up to the North. With your booking you will receive a description how you have to drive the last part to Tväråträsk.

A third option is to take the plane to Umeå and from there continue with a rental car. The site of rentalcarsThe price of a rental car in Sweden is reasonable and especially if you are travelling with 4 people, this is a good alternative.