Distraction pure!

Fly fishing at the always fighting lady of the stream,as we call the grayling. Or catch that wild brown trout from your dreams. And all that in an unprecedented beautiful and unspoilt nature. No fishing pressure, no traffic jams on the waterfront. Only you, your fishing rod and the deafening silence. That is relaxation pure!

Fishing pike?Then you are extremely lucky! Our lakes are really full of pike out there waiting to be caught. Also here no fishing pressure. You'll fish all alone or with your fish mate from your own boat. Under the spectacular phenomenon of the midnight sun. You don't have to stop before it gets dark.

We live in the middle of the spawning area of the wild Baltic salmon and from August you can focus on salmon fishing. From the shore or from a rowing-boat with the fly rod or spinning rod, on your own or with a guide, it's all possible.

The packages

Fly fishing on grayling and trout, pike and perch fishing at one of our lakes, or fishing on salmon?

Your fishing adventure at Laplandtime is all inclusive, so no unpleasant surprises afterwards. Depending on your package your adventure includes: stay in our accommodations, all meals, necessary permits, transfers to the fishing spots, guidance, use boat with electric motor.Je visavontuur bij Laplandtime is all inclusive, dus geen ongewenste verrassingen achteraf.

Flyfishing Oneday Guiding

You stay for a whole week on a full board basis. The first day you will be accompanied by your guide. He will give you all the information you need to be successful in our waters. With the tips you will receive on the first day, it will no longer be a problem to make your fishing holiday a success. Endless searching for the best spots is not necessary because you receive daily tips where it will be best to go fishing. You can book extra guide days for an additional fee. During the month of August you can also try to catch a wild salmon. Price € 650 p/p for a shared room and € 800 for 1 person per room. Minimum number of participants is 2 and maximum 4
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Pike and perch fishing

You are staying a week on full board. Opposite our house is a large lake that is full of perch and pike, including many meter-pikes. You have access to your own boat with electric motor or, if necessary, you can rent a petrol motor. During the months of June and July the sun never sets and you can be 24 hours on the water. There is even a large lake with lots of pikes and perch not far from our place, there we have a boat with petrol motor available, € 30/day. Price for accomodation and full board is € 550 p.p. with shared room and € 700 with 1 person per room. Maximum number of participants 4.
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Flyfishing Fullguiding

You will stay for a whole week on a full board basis and every day you will be accompanied by your guide. After breakfast we leave together and you will fish, depending on the water level, on one of our beautiful rivers. We go to a different spot every day and you will get help from your guide where needed and in such a way you actually will catch fish. During our tours you will visit places which are only known to the "locals" and thanks to your guide you will have all the necessary knowledge from day 1. 100% catch guarantee! During the month of August you can also fish for salmon for a day as an extra. Price €800 per person for a shared room and €950 for 1 person per room. Price includes all fishing licenses. Minimum 2 and maximum 4 persons.
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Flyfishing Course

Ideal for the beginning fly fisher. You will be accompanied by a guide throughout the week. He will teach you the basics of fly rod casting and together you will embark on an adventure. During the week you will receive a lot of information regarding material choice and the most important thing how to fish well in a stream. Your guide will teach you how to "read" the water and with that wealth of information you can soon handle the fly rod on every river. Because of the small group, everyone gets a lot of attention. 100% catch guarantee! You stay on a full board basis. Price € 950 p/p for a shared room and € 1100 for 1 person per room. You do not need to purchase any equipment, the necessary material is included in the price. Minimum 2 and maximum 4 participants.
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