Distraction pure!

Over ons

We, Paula and Frans, are two Dutch people, who live their dream and moved to Swedish Lapland.

We both had a very busy job in the Netherlands and after a working day we saw each other often late in the evening when going to bed. The love for the high North originated in 1995 when we first traveled with our passenger car to Scandinavia. We were instantly enchanted by the vastness of the landscape, the overwhelming unspoilt nature, the silence and tranquility. The years after we visited the high North with a rented camper. In 4 weeks time we drove an average of 10000 km. In 2006 during a mountain hike in the mountains on the border of Sweden and Norway the plan emerged to emigrate to Swedish Lapland. Standing on a mountain with our gaze to the North we said to each other "There shall we one day live together". In 2007 we bought our House in the village of Tväråträsk in the middle of the Swedish-Lappish wilderness.

Our company Laplandtime

Since 2009 our company Laplandtime offers fishing holidays in Swedish Lapland. Many fishermen have since then experienced relaxation pure. At the end of 2012, we bought the house of our neighbour Tores, who deceased that year. In 2013 we totally renovated it. From 2015 we, apart from fishing in de summer, we organize winter adventures with snowmobile tours in combination with husky tours. We run our company as a couple and it is nice to be able to do this together, each with his own experience and qualities. Personal attention, small scale and quality are characteristic for our approach. With us you will find no mass-tourism. During your stay you are all alone with your group's members in the overwhelming Lapland wilderness. Led by the Guide, Frans, you ride with up to 4 snowmobiles into the Lapland wilderness. Within our approach each group member feels special. You arrive as a guest and go back home as a friend. The contacts that we build are often permanent. We have many regular guests who come to visit us every year. You will stay in one of our 2 houses. The lodge Tores or the upper floor of our house made entirely for our guests. So for each group lots of privacy.

Our approach

In our approach is also characteristic that we do not only want to make use of all the beautiful things that Swedish Lapland has to offer for our company, but we want also contribute to the local business climate. Work with local suppliers is important to us, whether it is the purchase of groceries at the small supermarket or buying snowmobiles at the regional dealer. The contribution to the local economy is more important than the better prices in a big city. We also provide a contribution to our own village by activities that we develop in the Board. Would you also like to escape from the daily hustle and stress? Away from the fast world around you. Go somewhere where you don't need a clock and where you can hear the silence. Where the air is still pure and you still can smell the change of the seasons! And where you feel special. Here at our company Laplandtime in Swedish Lapland, one of the last wildernesses in Europe, that's possible.

We live our dream

Paula spotting

Frans has been fishing all his life


From citychief to snowmobile guide

Dutch TV-channel L1 visited us