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De Rivieren

The Juktån is a true fly fishing paradise, both for the advanced but certainly also for the novice fly fisherman. The river has a very good trout-and grayling amount. Since 2015 on the fly fishing trail it's only allowed to fish Catch and Release. Therefor the number of large fish has increased considerably. Each season a large number of 50 + grayling is caught. Because the water level is regulated there can almost always be fished, even if the water level in the other rivers is too high.

The Gargån is a typical Lappish forest river. You'll find exciting rapids, interspersed by deep calm flowing pieces, called selen. The banks are almost everywhere overgrown and littered with stones. Landscaped paths can be found here. A rich insect life contributes to a successful fly fishing adventure. Especially the grayling can be found here there. Fishing in this breathtaking landscape is an experience you will never forget.

The Vindelälv is one of the 4 still untamed rivers in Sweden. Untamed; There are no hydroelectric power plants. The advantage of this is that the salmon can uneventful swim up in our region to spawn. You can fishing here with the spinning rod or fly fishing in rapids such as Krokforsen, Beukaforsen, Lilseforsen, and Laxselet Långforsen. The Vindelälven is a major river and thereby it's not always easy to target them but if you once have found the right place and method you will be amazed at how many fish swimming around in this mighty river.

If you book a package with us: no long quests to addresses for the necessary permits and the best fishing spots. The only thing you have to do is: fish!!!

Some pictures

Juktån grayling
No fishing pressure
Colourful Juktån trout
Gargån, a real forest river
Salmong fischerman in the Vindelälv
Nearby 80cm Vindelälv trout
Fighting grayling
A rapid in the Vindelälv