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Our house

Our House is located at the edge of the small hamlet of Tväråträsk in the municipality of Sorsele, in Swedish Lapland. The village lies in the middle of the wilderness. Approximately 50 people live there and there are no facilities as a store or gas station, cafe or restaurant. On the front of our house is a large lake with the name Tväråträsket, the village owes its name to this lake.

This Lake is often the starting point of our snowmobile trips. At the back of our house you find forest and rivers. Here you can start the snowshoe walk through magical snowy forests and over frozen rivers and lakes. Here you can hear the silence. Apart from the sound of birds and the wind in the trees, you can hear nothing else. Only your own heartbeat! Our customers always find this so special. At home there is always something of sound of traffic, people, music etc. The silence here is very relaxing for our guests and they can really destress.

The entire upper floor is equipped for our guests and has a lot of privacy. Here you'll find a spacious, 30 m², living room with reading corner and Tv. The Tv has all the Dutch and German channels. Furthermore, a nice bathroom with toilet and shower. A spacious landing and two bedrooms each with 2 Swedish box-spring beds, which guarantee a perfect night's sleep.

Each morning a hearty Swedish breakfast waiting for you in our cozy kitchen on the ground floor of our house.

Pictures of our house

Summer in Lapland
One of the bedrooms
The stove in the kitchen
The Northern Lights above our house
Eating together
The sauna


Tore, that was the name of our neighbor. From him we learned many ins and outs of life in Lapland. He taught us the way in nature, how to walk through the swamp, which water is drinkable and what water is not, where to fish and wenn, how to make fire even if the wood is wet, how to prepare the various fish species, how dry your meat outdoors. In short, almost everything we know about the area in which we live we know by Tore.

At the end of october 2012 at the age of 81 Tore passed away. To honor him for the beautiful memories we have in he hall a 2 meter high photo of Tore. We tell all our new customers upon entry about the great Hunter and fisherman Tore. All the fine memories of Tore stay alive.

During 2013 we completely renovated Tores. We made all the walls with wooden panels, renovated the bathroom completely including all the piping and we installed a brand new kitchen. The outside from the house was freshly painted and it got a makeover. There is a wooden grill place with benches and a ' badtunna ' (Lapland jacuzzi) against the edge of the forest.

In Tores, you'll find two bedrooms each with two Swedish box-spring beds, a large living room with Tv with all the English channels, modern bathroom and a spacious fully equipped kitchen.

Pictures of Tores

The hall in Tores
The living room
One of the bedrooms
The grill place
Tores in the summer
Our two accommodations